Saturday, February 6, 2010

Press Fit 30 BB30 Bottom Bracket

We are excited about the new Truvative/SRAM PressFit 30 bottom bracket. Instead of going with a standard BB30 setup Worthington Cycles will offer frames with the PF30 bottom bracket option instead of a threaded bottom bracket shell.

The PressFit 30 BB offers the performance advantages BB30 including larger bearings, and the 30mm dia. stiffer bb axle but it is a much more forgiving standard for both frame builders and bike owners. Instead of a bottom bracket shell that must be machined to very high accuracy (+.001, -.000 inches) the Press Fit 30 standard is more forgiving and can even have paint in the I.D. so it is perfect for building with steel - If something goes wrong a new BB can be pressed in. New bottom brackets are $35-$50 with standard bearings (more for ceramic bearings).

It is also interesting but this BB shell diameter could also use a threaded eccentric bottom bracket adapter - so a frame could easily be converted from gears to single speed.