Thursday, February 22, 2018

Welcome To Worthington Cycles

We specialize in high end custom made steel racing bicycles. Contact us to see if we can help you with the selection of a new bicycle, repairs, replacement parts, as well as the design and building of one-off hand made custom frames. We can provide hard to find parts and accessories, specialty replacement parts, and even custom designed and manufactured parts and accessories. We also specialize in bicycle photography services, both in studio or on assignment, in addition to bicycle racing photography.

Based in Santa Cruz California Worthington Cycles was founded in 1983 by Monty Worthington. Since 1983 we have built  custom steel frames including; mountain bike frames, road frames, track frames, and cyclo-cross frames. We have also designed and built specialty handlebars, custom stems, cantilever brakes, custom wheels, and many other specialty parts. 2018 is the 35th year building and working on custom bicycles! 

Take a look at our posts on Custom Frames, Cantilever Brakes, Custom Wheels, and Custom Steel Stems, each is summarized with photos, product information, and some history of the product. All of our in house products are made in small custom quantities offering a limited supply, and depending on the season we may be out doing R&D testing or racing, instead of just building parts.

Worthington Cycles also has a long history of doing bicycle racing photography and product photography for the bicycle industry. We are working on a Image Library to show some of our classic racing images from our many years of covering races freelance or on assignment with major cycling publications.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Bottom Bracket Standards

After several years of a new Bottom Bracket standard being introduced it seems every month, it seems like things have settled down a little bit in this area of bike desing.

Whether it is PressFit 30, BB30, T47, or one of the myriad of other proprietary setups Worthington Cycles will offer frames with the good old threaded BSA "english" bottom brackets for the foreseeable future.

Some may argue that the various 30mm BB standards offer some performance advantages including larger bearings and the 30mm dia. stiffer bb axle -- we feel that using the 386EVO, or similar designs, can be much better and accomplish the same result. Both of my personal road bikes currently have FSA EVO386 threaded bottom brackets on them which are are doing great after a few seasons of use. For mountain bikes I tend to run with the standard BSA threaded 24mm Shimano setup which works great as well.

About the only time a BB30 or PF30 bottom bracket is more useful is when a rare customer has problems with ankle clearance on a standard crankset - the BB30 crank systems do offer tons of extra ankle clearance due to the narrower BB profile.

I tend to be an ankle and foot rub person - fortunately I am able to just get by with the existing cranks with an outboard bearing system on a standard threaded bottom bracket.

At some point the T47 (essentially a threaded PF30 shell) setup has few drawbacks other than setup costs and tooling - this might be the future, but for now I am sitting back and keeping an eye on things to see how it all shakes out...If someone were to send me some cutting taps for T47 I would probably switch to that system!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Custom Wheels

Worthington Cycles can custom build a perfect set of wheels for you. We can build ultralight road wheels, aero wheels, bomb-proof training wheels and Mountain wheels of any type. We do all of our building by hand and select each component to match your needs. Build with your choice of top of the line hubs, rims and spokes all in a hand built custom design. We can build wheels that are better than most of the factory sets now available.

• Rim Choices: Sun, DT, Velocity, Stans NoTubes, HED, Kinlin, Easton etc...
• Hubs: Shimano, DT, Chris King, Bitex, etc...
• Spokes: DT, Wheelsmith, Sapim
• 700C, 29er, 26" MTN, 650B, Tandem, Single Speed, Gravel Wheels
• Mountain Wheels
• Tubeless Road Wheels
• Disc Brake Wheels for Mountain, Cross or Road
• Specialty Lacing Patterns Available

An example of a lightweight set of road wheels we recently built use Stan's Notubes Alpha 340 rims in 24H Rear & 20H front drilling. They are laced with DT Revolution spokes on the rear, and DT aerolite spokes on the front with silver alloy nipples. Lacing is 2x Rear and Radial (heads out) front. The rims are taped with Notubes rim tape for tubeless compatibility. The hubs were Shimano Dura-Ace 9000. The wheels were outfitted with a set of 25c Fusion 5 Galactik Hutchinson tubeless tires. The wheels (without tires) weigh in at just under 1300 grams.