Friday, May 8, 2009

Notubes Sealant with Tubeless Road Tires

Just built up a really nice set of custom built wheels and decided to use the Stan's Notubes sealant with Hutchinson tubeless Fusion 2 700x23c tires. I have to say this setup seems pretty nice. All you need to do is tape the rims with the Stans rim tape, put in a presta valve stem, install the Hutchinson Tires along with an ounce or two of sealant, brush the side walls with some soapy suds and hit it with an air compressor to seat the tires. Everything works as advertised, and on some rims it even works with a floor pump!

This is a great alternative to buying dedicated tubeless wheels, and you can always switch back to normal road tires and tubes at any time. So far the ride is great at even 85psi. Check back for updates on the long term use of the tires & wheels.

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