Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Hutchinson Atom Tubeless Road Tires In Stock

The new Hutchinson Atom Tubeless Road Tires have arrived. They weigh in at a slightly disappointing 283 grams. This is only 13 grams more than the claimed weight, but I was looking forward to these being closer to, or even lower than, the 270 gram target weight. They do look nice in all black, and I hope they perform as well as the Fusion 2 Tubeless we have reviewed and still love to ride.

Update: The Atom tires when mounted on a 19mm wide rim only measure out at 20mm wide - while the Fusion 2 tires measure 22mm wide. This makes them very narrow, but suitable for lighter riders or even as a front tire.

During testing we had one front rim damaged by hitting a pot hole with the pressure at around 80psi. Of course if these wheels had normal tubes it probably would have caused a pinch flat!

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