Monday, May 15, 2017

Lightweight Steel Road Frames - Under 3 Pounds!

Custom Lightweight Steel Road Frames

We can build very lightweight custom steel road frames using the oversize thin wall steel tubing - building a frame that weighs just under three pounds. 

While this isn't in the same weight class as an ultralight carbon frame, it has the special feel of steel that many demand while still being reasonably light and very strong. The weight penalty of a few ounces, or a few hundred grams, is made up for by the smooth ride and amazing feel that only a lightweight steel frame can provide.

The frame pictured above is a 54 CM frame and weighs 2.9 lbs. This is an amazing frame that feels so nice on the road, and at just under 3 pounds is a perfect alternative to aluminum, carbon, or titanium frames. We feel that the long fatigue life steel typically exhibits will make this frame a long lasting lightweight winner, and since it is available as a custom frame from Worthington Cycles it can be designed to fit your needs and requirements perfectly.

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